A few words from people I have worked with:

"Steve is incredible! He's amazingly collaborative and supportive. It was a pleasure getting to work with him!!!" - Miriam Olson, for video 'Miss You Mom', Lead Actor (Animation)

"Super great to work with and just a pleasant person to do this VO for." - Thomas Hagena, for video 'Miss You Mom', Lead Actor (Animation)

"Great to work for! Good direction, with freedom to be creative. Steve exudes a positive energy that is very motivating!" - Carrie Drovdlic, for video 'Miss You Mom', Lead Actor (Animation)

"Wonderful to work with! Great scripts, clear communication!" - Sandra Osborne, for documentary voice work

"Steve is always a great guy to work with ... and... did i mention? So. Funny! My all time favorite client. SUCH a sweetheart." - Michella Moss, for documentary voice work

"Steve was the textbook example of the "prepared" client. He provided a guide track, complete pronunciation guide - supported by his guide track, clear direction and near immediate responses to any questions I had. He made it easy. I'd look forward to working with Steve again any time. Thanks for the opportunity to help with such a worthwhile project." - Paul Boucher, for documentary voice work

"Tight turn arounds can put a strain on a working relationship but not so with Steve! Easy going and professional." - George Krahn, for documentary voice work

"Steve was truly such a delight to work with! He made the job even more fun to work on and gave precise direction before I recorded that was extremely helpful. Thank you!!" - Hailey Sunshine, for documentary voice work

"Steve is funny, fun, and....functioning? He's great. Really." - Charlotte Ann, for documentary voice work

"Steve Sugrim is a Rock Star Professional!" - Kurt Kelly, for documentary voice work